Pot Pourri Videos (Part 3)

As in Part 1 and Part 2, I have gathered my favorite videos that I watched recently. Also, in this Part 3, I have included several training videos :


Wonderland FKT


The Crown Traverse


8,000m +E Hell in paradise: 3 men crossing Hawaii island from sea to sea


Mile for Mile: A Film About Trail Running and Conservation in Patagonia


Quechua – A story of Dawa Sherpa


The Lion & The Gazelle


Nolan’s 14 Anton Krupicka attempt on Nolan’s 14 (2013). See the episode 2 here and episode 3 here.



Better Trail Running Instructional Video


La fréquence cardiaque et son utilisation en course à pied et trail (FRENCH) – Training with a heart rate monitor


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