Pot Pourri Videos (Part 2)

Since the first part of this series (see Part 1 here), I have found, discovered and watched many more videos.

Here is a list of the favorite ones I have gathered :

Salomon Running TV : “Outliers”. The best episode of the current season so far (As mentioned in Part 1, the Salomon videos are a must see)


E-Motion Trail Saison 2 Episode 2 – Sur les sentiers des ours avec Antoine Guillon [FRENCH]. I’ve been following this french trail running TV show since its beginning and most of them are really good. I have chosen this one as Antoine Guillon has been an inspiration and an example for me.


A Mountain Journal Short – Nicky Spinks


52 Peaks


Suilven: The Trail Runner


Life on the Fells


UTMB 2015


Zion National Park FKT


And to finish this Part 2, 2 record attempts of the legend Marco De Gasperi :

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