Pot Pourri Videos (Part 1)

Among the years, I have discovered numerous free videos that have provided me inspiration and motivation whenever it was before an important workout or even a race. I have gathered my favorite ones and created a pot pourri that you can find below. Enjoy!

And…..I am always looking for more! Do you have any videos to share ? Feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below!


Super Marathon du Mont-Blanc or the first unofficial UTMB.



Kilian’s Quest (4 seasons). A must see as well as all the other Salomon videos.




Endurance (Sebastien Chaigneau). His “Get ready for” show is also very interesting.


Endurance (Haile Gebrselassie)


The ingenuous choice (A. Krupicka)


Cycling :

Going AWOL on the Transcontinental race


Ride of my life


We are traffic



Climbing :

Opera vertical. For sure, the first very inspirational video I watched. Not just because of climbing but also for Edlinger’s lifestyle (no surprise I have a van like him!). The dude was also trail running !

SufferFest 1. How to combine cycling and climbing


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