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Course/Race NameYearPredicted TimeCGX file
I.M.T.U.F. 1002018 (Clockwise direction)30hCGX file
Tahoe Rim Trail 50M201813h30CGX file

Course Generator

Since the last 5 years, I’ve been using the software Course Generator. This software offers the possibility to estimate as accurately as possible the time required to complete a specific course by foot (run, race, trek…). To do so, it will take into account multiple parameters such as the altitude effect, fatigue coefficient, time spent at each aid station and, most importantly, it will compute the time at each GPS point using a speed/slope curve specific to each of us.

You can read more about Course Generator and download the software here :

The purpose of this page is to offer “ready to be used” courses for specific races or runs. Those CGX files already contain the main information such as start and finish points, aid stations (aid station type, cut-off time, predicted time…), terrain type…etc but can be customized even further for each specific user.