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Pot Pourri Videos (Part 4)

In this part 4 of this series (see Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here), I have listed another set of videos that I have come across those past months. The best one would be the show I have discovered “Rancho Webshow” at 9:29, epic moment !


The Double – Jeff Browning – Western States 100 and Hardrock 100


Longs Peak Triathlon – Fastest Known Time with Anton Krupicka


François D’Haene – Simple Comme Ultra

François D’Haene – Crossing Corsica
As I can’t embed this video like the others, click on this link to watch the impressive GR20 record of François last year


Rancho EP#8 “64 au patin” / “64 under foot”


Into patagonia
Because you can’t go wrong with a Salomon video :



Better Trail Running Instructional Video more for cycling but it gives a great understanding of how it affects us


The Psychology of Suffering: How to Handle the Pain

Pot Pourri Videos (Part 3)

As in Part 1 and Part 2, I have gathered my favorite videos that I watched recently. Also, in this Part 3, I have included several training videos :


Wonderland FKT


The Crown Traverse


8,000m +E Hell in paradise: 3 men crossing Hawaii island from sea to sea


Mile for Mile: A Film About Trail Running and Conservation in Patagonia


Quechua – A story of Dawa Sherpa


The Lion & The Gazelle


Nolan’s 14 Anton Krupicka attempt on Nolan’s 14 (2013). See the episode 2 here and episode 3 here.



Better Trail Running Instructional Video


La fréquence cardiaque et son utilisation en course à pied et trail (FRENCH) – Training with a heart rate monitor


Pot Pourri Videos (Part 2)

Since the first part of this series (see Part 1 here), I have found, discovered and watched many more videos.

Here is a list of the favorite ones I have gathered :

Salomon Running TV : “Outliers”. The best episode of the current season so far (As mentioned in Part 1, the Salomon videos are a must see)


E-Motion Trail Saison 2 Episode 2 – Sur les sentiers des ours avec Antoine Guillon [FRENCH]. I’ve been following this french trail running TV show since its beginning and most of them are really good. I have chosen this one as Antoine Guillon has been an inspiration and an example for me.


A Mountain Journal Short – Nicky Spinks


52 Peaks


Suilven: The Trail Runner


Life on the Fells


UTMB 2015


Zion National Park FKT


And to finish this Part 2, 2 record attempts of the legend Marco De Gasperi :

Pot Pourri Videos (Part 1)

Among the years, I have discovered numerous free videos that have provided me inspiration and motivation whenever it was before an important workout or even a race. I have gathered my favorite ones and created a pot pourri that you can find below. Enjoy!

And…..I am always looking for more! Do you have any videos to share ? Feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below!


Super Marathon du Mont-Blanc or the first unofficial UTMB.


Kilian’s Quest (4 seasons). A must see as well as all the other Salomon videos.




Endurance (Sebastien Chaigneau). His “Get ready for” show is also very interesting.


Endurance (Haile Gebrselassie)


The ingenuous choice (A. Krupicka)


Cycling :

Going AWOL on the Transcontinental race


Ride of my life


We are traffic



Climbing :

Opera vertical. For sure, the first very inspirational video I watched. Not just because of climbing but also for Edlinger’s lifestyle (no surprise I have a van like him!). The dude was also trail running !

SufferFest 1. How to combine cycling and climbing