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How-to: Pack an Ice Axe for traveling

When we packed our belongings to be moved to Colorado, I had to find a solution to pack my ice axe so that it would not get damaged but mainly not damage anything around it. As I don’t have ice axe protector protector caps, I came up with my own solution to cover the sharp parts.

Below is a “cheap trick” you can use when you need your ice axe to travel. It also works when in a checked-in luggage ! To do this, you will need :
– 3 used cans
– Tape



Long’s Peak

During our summer vacation, we visited Rocky Mountain National Park for the first time (And for free thanks to Mr Obama’s “Every Kid in a Park” program). I immediately planned on climbing the very famous Longs Peak (14,259ft).

I chose the normal route a.k.a The KeyHole. I started around 8am and the forecast was listing the typical summer afternoon thunderstorms. I was ready mentally to have to retreat but was hoping to make it to the top before the weather would turn bad.

After 2 hours of jogging/running on high alpine trails surrounded by marmots, I reached the KeyHole were the “run” turned more into a hike/scramble. In 45 mins, I would reach the top to be greeted one more time by a beautiful marmot.

I then went down as dark clouds were moving fast. After passing the KeyHole, rain and thunder noise made me accelerate. I reached the trailhead in 2 hours from the top and lightning/thunderstorm broke while I was having my lunch.

A beautiful day in the Rocky mountains that will constitute my main playground soon… 😉

Nutrition: Water, HoneyStinger Chocolate Waffles, HoneyStinger Fruit Smoothie Chews

GPS Track available here (14.5 miles, 4,480 ft elevation gain/loss)
**: As my watch seems not to have directly picked up the GPS satellites, the mileage is NOT accurate !

Note : A good inspiration about Longs Peak can be found in the movie “In The High Country“. Though Anton Krupicka climbs Longs via “Alexander’s chimney” and not the normal route, it’s a good inspiration and contains beautiful scenery about Long’s Peak.


A day to remember

On memorial day, I climbed Mt Hood with my friend Paul. We chose the very popular “South Route”.

After a nap in the veewie, we woke up at 10.30pm (to beat the bathrooms at the lodge that close at 11pm !!) and left around midnight. We decided to leave early as we didn’t want to be behind any big climbing parties. We were not the first one to start climbing but by the Palmer Ski lift (8500 ft), we had passed all the climbers (9 total) ahead of us.

We reached the summit via the Pearly Gates and climbed in the dark as we arrived at the top at 3.30am (Time for the ascent including several stops for food and gear adjustment: 3h30min).

In the end, we had the mountain for ourselves as the climbers behind were still on their way to the hogsback. We sat down, enjoyed several cups of hot coffee with food at the top, looking at the other volcanoes, the lights of Portland, the stars, the bright moon and soaking in this magical set-up. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get pictures at the top due to the low amount of light.

We went down the Old Chute and arrived back at the Hogsback at the same time than the climbers going up. At the same moment the sunlight was appearing and our headlamps could be turned off (Not for Paul who lost his going down the old chute!!) As a bonus, we climbed Crater Rock and enjoyed a beautiful view before heading back.

We enjoyed the way down and were back at the Veewie around 7am.

Nutrition: Water, HoneyStinger Chocolate Waffles, HoneyStinger Fruit Smoothie Chews, coffee at the top

GPS Track available here (7 miles, 5,325 ft elevation gain/loss)



Pot Pourri Videos (Part 1)

Among the years, I have discovered numerous free videos that have provided me inspiration and motivation whenever it was before an important workout or even a race. I have gathered my favorite ones and created a pot pourri that you can find below. Enjoy!

And…..I am always looking for more! Do you have any videos to share ? Feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below!


Super Marathon du Mont-Blanc or the first unofficial UTMB.


Kilian’s Quest (4 seasons). A must see as well as all the other Salomon videos.




Endurance (Sebastien Chaigneau). His “Get ready for” show is also very interesting.


Endurance (Haile Gebrselassie)


The ingenuous choice (A. Krupicka)


Cycling :

Going AWOL on the Transcontinental race


Ride of my life


We are traffic



Climbing :

Opera vertical. For sure, the first very inspirational video I watched. Not just because of climbing but also for Edlinger’s lifestyle (no surprise I have a van like him!). The dude was also trail running !

SufferFest 1. How to combine cycling and climbing


The Oregon Trails

Here is a photo album to show you what an Oregon summer looks like :