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Meet “The Mule”

Here is my most recent rebuild and my first cross-bike (cyclocross ? montercross? not sure of which label) : “La Mule” is its name.
This time, this project is only for me. For quite some time now and especially when moving to Colorado, I have realized the need of an “all-rounder” bike to ride on gravel, do groceries/errands, touring, riding to trailheads…etc

Several weeks ago, I found an old 1999 Trek 720 MultiTrack at the local Co-Op. The bike being the correct size, frame correctly aligned, I bought it as I could envision the “all-rounder” bike I had been looking for.

Original Specs here and here.

Current Specs after my rebuild:

  • Specialized crank (22-32-42)
  • Shimano Sora Levers
  • Shimano Deore LX rear derailleur

As usual, below are the photo comparison between “Before” (left) and “After” (right) the work/tune-ups.

After 20 days of rebuild, I did a test ride in my local mountains on a 20-mile route combining gravel, trails and road. The verdict was as expected : uphill rocky terrain, rolling gravel & singletrack or hilly roads, it handled all perfectly what I threw at it.

Montgomery Ward 10 speed disc brake

My lastest bike repair project, a: Montgomery Ward 10 speed disc brake
Very similar to last year’s Free Spirit 10-speed, I rescued this Montgomery that needed some TLC to be ready to roll again. The main difference with the Free Spirit is that it offers a disc brake! Probably one of the first disc brake that came out on the market. I couldn’t find the year of this model unfortunately


  • Large (Bottom Bracket to top tube : 22.5″)
  • Rear disc brake
  • Kick stand
  • New tires
  • Shimano Drive train (5 (sprockets) x 2 (chainrings) speed)

As usual, below are the photo comparison between “Before” (left) and “After” (right) the work/tune-ups

Free Spirit 10-Speed

My lastest bike repair project is a: Free Spirit 10-Speed
Not a lot of work was to be done, but mainly a good tune-up as well as some overhauls (wheel hubs, headset hub)

Steel frame
Shimano Drive Train
5 (sprockets) x 2 (chainrings) speed
U-Brakes Dia compe
Turkey Levers

As usual, below are the photo comparison between “Before” (left) and “After” (right) the work/tune-ups

Bike Repair Projects

This year, I have been fixing, tuning, maintaining…. a lot of bikes. Here is the Schwinn Woodlands (circa 1988) that I have fully restored. Before unveiling the final bike, let’s go back in time for a little bit of history