Exploring and moving in the outdoors

My name is Frederic and I live in Colorado. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and endurance athlete. My main passion is mountain running.

Blue Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness, CO
Blue Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness, CO

It all started with rock climbing and hiking about 10 years ago when I discovered my love for the mountains. At the time, I began incorporating running as part of my training to improve my endurance for multi-pitch climbs. I later stopped when I moved to a region that was not offering a lot of climbing opportunities. I increased my running to maintain my fitness. When I came back to my home country (France), I discovered mountain running and immediately was addicted. I have been primarily running since. With time, I also added cycling as another endurance activity.

Running while combining gorgeous views on exposed high ridges, scrambling, bombing down technical trails, being exposed to the elements and self propelled is what makes me love this activity. While I practice running, I don’t see it as a means to an end. I consider running a tool. It allows me to be healthy mentally & physically, to move free and fast in places accessible only by foot.

I have tried myself at various distances. I’ve completed runs & rides from 1 to 100 miles. I also enjoy competition and have obtained several good results.

As a HoneyStinger ambassador, I am proud to officially use their tasty and efficient products as my main endurance fuel.

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