Monthly Archives: April 2016

Tight Trick

You are ready to go on a bike ride and realize that you don’t have enough space for all your nutrition ?

Here is a tip I learned from a friend several years ago : use your tights as an extra pocket by slipping 1 or 2 gel(s) under them. Not only it will hold your nutrition well but it will also be easy to retrieve it when you need it. It has helped me several times since! I’ve even used this tip to store my maps !


Yosemite Falls

We arrived late in Yosemite Valley and had a rough first night but I can’t complain when it’s in such a beautiful place. We were up early and I was happy to play with my camera and take advantage of the clear sky at dawn to capture the waterfall on this beautiful granite wall.

I ran up to Yosemite Falls & Yosemite Point and was happy to be back after coming for the first time 7 years ago !!

GPS Track available here (7.2 miles, 3,460 ft elevation gain/loss)