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Opening Suunto *.sml files with KubiosHRV

As you can read in my description, I am both a Software engineer and an endurance athlete. This combination results in the fact that I enjoy gathering and analyzing data of all my athletic endeavors.

For most of my activities, I use a GPS watch combined with a heart rate belt to ensure I train and race at the correct intensity. One of the many benefits of tracking heart rate data is the ability to analyze Heart Rate Variability (referred here as HRV) in order to avoid over-training. If you have never heard of it or if you would like to know more about it, I recommend the following article.

Ambit2Suunto Ambit2

The watch I use, a Suunto Ambit 2, allows me to record the R-R data (R-R is a synonym of HRV). Analyzed, this data can quickly tell me if I’m over-trained or not.

My protocol has been to measure my resting heart rate in bed when waking up. I measured it over a period of time, usually when I was peaking for a race. While Movescount (official Suunto website associated to any Suunto Device) allows anyone to see its R-R data for a given activity, it doesn’t offer a way to analyze the data. Who knows why?

RRMovescount It doesn’t look like I’m overtrained since it doesn’t look like anything!

Analyzing any R-R data is actually quite complicated and requires some very advanced mathematics (Digital Signal Processing algorithms). For this, I use a free software called KubiosHRV. You can find a great video tutorial on how to use this software here.

kubioshrvreport Example of KubiosHRV report

While KubiosHRV offers a quick & accurate way to analyze one’s HRV data, it can’t directly open a Suunto *.sml file (the Suunto ambit file format since 08/2014) to analyze the HRV data.

KubiosErrorError while opening a Suunto SML file

After playing around with Kubios, I found a way to fix this issue but it requires to modify by hand each SML file that you want to analyze.

I created a small tool to do this in batch: KubiosHRVDataFormatter (Download here 03/01/2017 UPDATE V2.0 AVAILABLE) will allow you to convert easily a given batch of Suunto SML files into a corresponding batch of xml files directly readable by KubiosHRV.



=> Open KubiosRVDataFormatter

=> Select the Suunto *.sml file(s) that you would like to convert

=> Specify the directory where you would like to have the converted Suunto files created

=> Open Kubios HRV and load your HRV data!



Let me know if you have any questions about the tool. As of today, it will only format the Suunto *.sml files but if you encounter the same issue with other file types, let me know and I can enhance the tool to convert them as well.

Notes: KubiosRVDataFormatter is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10

‘Tis the season

Winter is here! This generally means for me that it’s time to take a break from running, reflect on the past season and get ready for the one to come. That also means that I have a lot more time in my hands to take care of things I have put on the back burner. This is the perfect opportunity to take care of my bike and perform the different fixes/overhauls needed for the new season to come.

I have put together and decided to share today a maintenance sheet that will help you maintain your bike(s) as best as possible since, as the old proverb says: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

You can find my bicycle maintenance sheet here

What about you: Do you follow a maintenance schedule or do you wait until something breaks ?



My first blog

I am officially launching my blog today!

Over the past years, I’ve shared multiple types of media (photo albums, videos, maps, documents…etc) to different group of people (family, friends…). Since this can get hectic, I’ve decided that it was time to create a blog and establish a center to gather all those materials.

FreeMovin’ is about anything and everything related to my different passions and interests. You will find athletic related posts, photographs, gear & training tips, GPS tracks of hike/runs/rides, gear reviews, nutrition recommendations and even healthy recipes.

So go ahead, put my blog in your bookmarks, leave a comment and share it with a friend.


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